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Caribbean Poker Simulation 3D
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    • Caribbean Poker is a 3D simulation of casino's game similar to five card stud poker
      with OpenGL 3D rendering
    • Refer to “Caribbean stud poker” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 5 Jun 2007, 21:52 UTC. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 3 Jul 2007, for more information about this casino's game.
    • Version 0.9 for Win32 and Linux soon available
    • Linux GTK+ wxWidgets, Compiled in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn kernel 2.6.20-16

  • Contact

  • System requeriments
    • OS: Windows 95 or better
    • OS: Linux with wxWidgets
    • A graphics card (gpu) compatible OpenGL

  • Features
    • Camera movement
    • Slow an fast game
    • Automatic game

  • Greetings
    • To my friends Lulu30 and V.Caracas
    • NeHe tutorials

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